The Calling

Below is the blurb to my new book which is now available on Amazon Kindle. Download a free sample or buy it here.

One thousand years have passed since elves freed mankind from slavery – and one hundred since that kindness was betrayed…

Behind their elders’ weave of protection, Samara and her Angelican twin, Elias, have lived a peaceful life, despite a mysterious illness curiously linked to her horrible dreams. But on the night of their anointing, the village is raided – their people killed or enslaved – leaving the twins lost and alone…
Hundreds of miles away, an elven swordsman named Thorn finds that the great city of Kodeah suffered the same fate – and that the ancient evil long captive within the city’s underground tombs has been set free…
John Stratman, is a human farmer plagued by the darkest of visitations. Driven by terror and lack of sleep, he rides in desperation to speak with his father, seeking an end to the curse.

As the Angelican twins search for their family; the Elven swordsman endeavors to warn his king; and the farmer struggles to dispel the horrifying darkness that taunts him.
Now old betrayals must be forgiven, and new alliances forged, for a destiny far beyond them has been placed in their hands, all tied to the fate of one precious child who can save — or damn — them all…

What Readers Are Saying About ‘The Calling’.

  • “Angels and elves, dragons and dreams – if you love a big, bold tapestry of a tale, this one’s for you” ~ quote from Julie Meyers, award winning author of face to face.
  • “If you loved ‘Lord of the Rings’ & “Mortal Instruments’ you’ll love this book! Full of great characters and twists…..really need to read the next book!”
  • “A real page turner, I couldn’t put it down.”
  • “I fell in love with all the characters and in love with the world.”
  • “It rolled like a movie in my mind, brilliantly done.”
  • “Well written, funny, exciting, fast-paced, I want more!”
  • “I loved this book.”
  • “Unique and beautifully composed.”

If you are interested in reading a sample of my book you can get it from Amazon on Kindle here.

More Reviews Of ‘The Calling’.

—“If you loved ‘Lord of the Rings’ & “Mortal Instruments’ you’ll love this book! Full of great characters and twists…..really need to read the next book!”

—“What an amazing story. The story takes you to places you never thought they could exist. The imagination from the author is just mind boggling. Full of wonderful characters and twists and turns. You never know where the author is taking you next. I loved it and it deserves 5 stars.”

—“This book is so well written and takes you to another world. The characters and story line drag you in and I couldn’t put it down. Cannot wait for the next book!!!”

—“The imagery in this book is amazing. It is a unique tale that takes you to a different realm. The characters truly bring the story to life.”

—“I loved the characters, mystery, storyline and writing. They were all really well done. This is my new favourite author! Can’t wait for the next book!”

—“Excellent read. Such a great story, loved every moment of it.”

—“Five Stars. Had me from page 1.”

—“I am not a fan of fantasy, until now. Pow has created a world of horror and heroes which will have you biting your nails and begging for more. Her characters are real and gritty, and the story flows well. Do yourself a favour and begin the journey…”

—“Entrancing. From the very start you’re taken to a different world. I couldn’t put it down, had to keep reading as the suspense of not knowing what was going to happen next compelled me to pick it up again and read more. An amazing NEW fantasy world and creatures have been created and it’s refreshing to imagine so many new beings opposed to the same creatures you’ve already read about many times over in different storylines. I’m truly looking forward to the next installment in the series with anticipation. AMAZING!”

—“Unique and beautifully composed. When I was first shown this book I wasn’t sure what to expect. Another fantasy story with elves and humans and other extraordinary creatures? But this isn’t just another fantasy story. The uniqueness of the weaving of this tale shows in the interactions between disparate elements to bring them together into a whole in a way that was utterly unexpected, and very welcome. I look forward to reading the rest of the series when the author finishes them!”

—“A very promising debut from emerging Australian fantasy author S. J. Pow. The focus leant heavily on the depth of characters and for me this flowed into an effective accessibility to the story. Pow shows an obvious love of animals in her writing with most of the main characters having an association with a wondrous creature companion. I often found that just when I was getting used to the pattern of chapters that cycled between the main characters, one was inserted that focused on a secondary character. These were some of my favourites. Single, almost standalone, chapters about Thorn’s younger brother Torin, and Millie’s history, served as compelling interjections into the main story and I hope they’re developed further in the sequels to come. The book doesn’t follow a standard pacing formula, but serves as a wonderful opening to the series as a whole and points towards more intriguing and climactic events to follow. I eagerly anticipate Book 2 of The Black Pearl of Sacrifice.”