Hi and welcome to my new website. In the near future I plan to fill this site with post, short stories, fan-art and much, much more. Be sure to subscribe in the panel to the right to receive updates on new releases, short stories and more.

My new book ‘The Calling’. Book One of ‘The Black Pearl of Sacrifice’ is now available on Amazon. For more details check here. Or if you already know you want to buy it you can go straight to Amazon and get it here

Well.. I am not too sure of what else to put here at the moment so I will put the bio that is in my book so you can get to know me a bit better.

S.J.Pow has written poetry since she was sixteen – but had never dreamed of writing tales of fiction. However, once she began, with God’s help it all seemed to fall into place. In school, she was sent to the office on more than one occasion for reading novels under her desk in class, and she never lost that passion for reading.

Pow lives in Sydney, Australia, with her wonderful husband Sean, and their mischievous, smoky-gray cat – Whisper.

Please do check out my book. I am sure you will enjoy it