A Few Of My Favourite Things

A Few Of My Favourite Things


My husband did the fabulous new cover for my book. I love his work, it inspires me. I am so envious of his talents and wish that I too could paint and draw – to be able to bring something to life in that way;  a picture that looks as though you could simply step into that world and explore – that is just extraordinary to me!


I cherish written words and the way phrasing them just so can be almost as beautiful as a scenic painting while conveying so much joy and encouragement to us all. I value the great privilege and blessing we have in being able to learn from what we read to better ourselves, our world and to enrich the lives of others.


I love seeing others beat the odds and achieve the impossible. I love miracles and success stories of the downtrodden achieving the unbelievable. I am so pleased for them. It inspires me and I delight in their joy and accomplishment.


I love people, having company over, having real conversations, learning from one another, sharing together and helping each other. We are strongest together in a caring community. For me, this analogy sums it up perfectly – If you try to snap a single paddle pop stick in half, it is easily broken with very little resistance. Now, if you try to do the same thing with six or seven paddle pop sticks held together, they are unbreakable and so it is, I believe, with community. I am enchanted by other cultures: the customs, culinary delights and languages. I am delighted to listen to people talk about their experiences.


I think about the smell of the ocean, the sand beneath my feet and waves lapping gently at my calves as I walk along breathing in the salty air with the sun on my skin. Or being at the beach during a light thunder storm, it is just magical. I treasure these memories and smile at the awe of such beauty.

The earthy smell of the forest in the air as it rains, tiny droplets of water cascading from vibrant lush leaves, trickling down over sandstone pebbles in bubbling brooks. And all of it accented by the gentle roll of thunder far away and a teasing breeze. It is just as beautiful back dropped by the mesmerising colours of dusk, the pastel shades speckled by fluffy clouds that you can only just see through a break in the rich canopy above or beyond the opening of a rocky cave.

I love watching sunsets and sunrises. I love the mountains, especially when the sun is peaking over the top or it is misty and foggy. I love the lush greens and blues in fresh rivers, and the brilliant colours we encounter in our majestic forests and beaches. If it isn’t obvious I absolutely adore nature.


I am captivated by all animals they are so curious and interesting to watch; even little lizards in the backyard can be very entertaining in their habits. It can be so peaceful watching fish swim and birds fly.


I love the sound of an acoustic guitar being strummed softly in the background or piano, violin or acapella singing. I am drawn to hauntingly beautiful melodies and lyrics – the kind that force you to reflect. I also enjoy upbeat positive songs. I am currently trying my hand at learning to play as well as song writing on my busted-up, missing-stringed guitar and I would love to add piano and accapella to this soon as well as I enjoy singing.


I savour the array of smells and flavours when food is being prepared and especially eating! And I enjoy discovering new ingredients to experiment with in my healthy recipe ideas – when they go well. Lol. I am learning to accept failure as an opportunity to try again another way until I succeed. Sometimes that goes really well….


I am always researching something to help one part of the body or another whether it is by using medicinal herbs, benefits of vegetables, various types of exercise, mindfulness and relaxation techniques, vegetable growing, it is endless. And I am fascinated by it all. I have realised that learning about these subjects can be very addictive, health beneficial and interesting.

I am excited to finally be growing a few vegetables at home in foam boxes. It actually works!

I have recently discovered YOGA and treasure this amazing ancient practice. I sleep better, feel better and have more energy and patience. I am awestruck that something so simple can have such a profound affect on so many different elements of both mind and body.