How You Can Help

If you enjoyed reading ‘The Black Pearl Of Sacrifice’ Series and you would like to help me out, here are a few quick and easy ideas for things you might do to help.

  1. Write a short but awesome review and post it on Amazon, Goodreads, Wattpad, Facebook, or anywhere else you can think of and do a link to the reviews/comments on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. It doesn’t have to be fancily worded or long, the shorter the better – just give it a star rating and say something nice.
  2. Mention ‘The Calling’ and this website in your YouTube videos, in your blog or on Twitter.
  3. See if your bookclub is interested in adding ‘The Calling’ to next month’s books to read and review.
  4. Post your ‘The Calling’ fan-art with a link for the book everywhere. I would be more than happy to place your fanart on this site. I would be so excited to see it.
  5. If you work in a bookstore, primary or high school, university/college/TAFE or library and you are willing to print a flyer or poster and pin it up somewhere that it will be easily seen that could be an enormous help to me – You can download the flyer from the downloads page. Or for the poster, shoot me an email and I can email you back the file. I promise I will never share your email with anyone or spam you.
  6. Add the book cover to your bookshelves, photo albums or as a banner on your social network pages with my website. You can get a .jpg image of the book cover from the downloads page.
  7. Download the flyer, desktop wallpapers and screen savers from this site and share them through email, Facebook and other social networking sites like Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest. You can get other images from the downloads page on this site too.
  8. Recommend ‘The Calling’ to book groups and everyone you know on Goodreads and other social sites. Add ‘The Calling’ to Listopia and your favourite lists on Goodreads as well.
  9. Friend me/Like me/Follow me and ask others to do so as well on: Amazon, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, Wattpad, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google+, Myspace – anywhere!
  10. Set up a forum or a fan group for ‘The Calling’.
  11. You could also pop a note on your calendar, fridge or a reminder on your phone to tweet about/post/share/like/recommend the website link or even just share the flyer from the downloads page once a month or as often as you dare. This way more people will see it.

If you can think of any other way to get the word out about my book I would really welcome the help and support. I love hearing from other readers and writers… especially if you liked my book.

Thank you very much.